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Introducing Hero, the first luminaire whose light can be adjusted without moving the fixture
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Clean installations

You can install Hero to follow the lines of your space, while flexibly lighting it with up to 40° of adjustment.

With its sleek form and no need for extra room to move, Hero fits into tight spaces where no other adjustable luminaire can go.


The key innovation of Hero is that the direction of the fixture and its light are no longer locked together.

The power to decide separately how you install, orient, and illuminate with Hero opens up never before possible design opportunities.

Quite simply, you can put Hero where you want it and put your light where you need it.

Like nothing else

Hero is adjusted via its joystick, changing the direction of its light while the luminaire remains in a fixed position and orientation. This never before possible power comes from our patented LightShift optical system.

Visual comfort

Since Hero does not tilt to adjust, it need not cast harsh glare onto neighboring fixtures, inside recesses and slots, nor up into your eyes. Indeed, you can even point Hero away from occupants while illuminating your desired subjects.

Virtually disappear into the architecture

Hero is the most inherently glare-free adjustable luminaire. Advanced materials and precision optics generate little stray light, while the adaptive baffle provides optimal cut-off.

Hero revolutionizes directional lighting

In developing Hero, we wanted to create a linear luminaire that takes its place harmoniously in the architecture while providing adjustable light with incredible visual comfort.

We are delighted to put in your hands this entirely novel tool to help realize the design intent of your spaces with a simplicity that belies the innovation inside.

"It's familiar enough that it fools you into thinking you know what it can do, but at its core Hero is fundamentally different from any luminaire I've ever seen and that's exciting."

IMpossible simplicity

40° of beam adjustment while the luminaire remains still

beautiful light

Available in 10°, 15°, 22°, and 33° beam sizes with incredible color uniformity and visual comfort

installs almost anywhere

Slim linear form requires no extra room to move and fits into places no other adjustable luminaire can go

optical ventriloquism™

You can align Hero to the lines of the architecture and even point the light emitting face away from occupants, all while flexibly illuminating your desired subjects

exceedingly low glare

We believe that glare is best managed by not creating it in the first place, no accessories required

clean design

Sleek and finely crafted, Hero is available with rectangular or rounded endcaps and a range of standard and custom colors to work in any setting

Easy to use

The simple joystick and single lock screw offer an intuitive way to adjust the luminaire, operate from the front side and are always cool to the touch

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Preserve the design intent of your space with the harmonious appearance and exceptional visual comfort of Hero.

Elegant installations

Install Hero into tight spaces without worrying about extra room to move or casting glare inside recesses or slots.

Visual comfort

Achieve incredible visual comfort with Hero, which has inherently low glare and can be oriented away from viewers.

Architectural element

Gracefully aligned to soaring columns or vaulted ceilings, Hero becomes a integral element of the architecture.

power in your hands
What will you do with the power to put Hero where you want it and to put your light where you need it?
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