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Hero Monopoint
Hero Monopoint

The power of Hero in graceful monopoint and duopoint pendant luminaires, delivering adjustable versatility without the chaos and glare of cans pointing in different directions.

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product information

Hero is a linear luminaire adjusted via an integral joystick, changing the direction of its light while the fixture remains in a fixed position and orientation.

Preserve the design intent of your space with Hero. Install Hero to follow the lines of your space, while flexibly lighting it with up to 40° of beam adjustment. Since Hero does not need extra room to move, it fits into tight spaces where no other adjustable luminaire can go.

Achieve incredible visual comfort with Hero. Since Hero does not tilt or swivel to adjust its beam, it need not cast harsh glare onto neighboring fixtures, inside recesses and slots, nor up into your eyes. Indeed, you can even point Hero away from occupants while illuminating your desired subjects.

Hero for pendant lighting is offered with elegant canopy and stems that are both field-cuttable and adjustable for clean and convenient installation.

  • 40° of beam adjustment in any direction without moving the luminaire
  • Luminaire can be physically tilted to 0° and 35° and can pan 360°
  • Available in 11°, 15°, 23°, and 35° beam widths
  • Incredible color uniformity and visual comfort
  • Universal power capability for 120V, 240V, and 277V 50/60Hz operation
  • 4.5" round canopy system for junction box mounting
  • Stems are field-cuttable and adjustable in lengths up to 4'
  • Dimming via 0-10V, DALI-2, or ELV/TRIAC
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Disappear into the architecture

Achieve the design intent of your space with ease. Hero conforms to the demands of your space, not the other way around, virtually disappearing into the architecture.


The intuitive joystick and single lock are cool to the touch. Beam quality is superb in every position. Advanced optics and adaptive baffle tame glare without accessories.

Beautiful light

Enjoy world-class photometrics. The optically quiet light-emitting face can be directed away from viewers. Exceptional color uniformity and ideal beam profiles at every beam angle.

Optical ventriloquism™

The power to put Hero where you want it and put its light where you need it opens up completely new architectural and lighting possibilities. What will you do next with this power?



  • Standard Output:   up to 1360 lumens, 30962 cd (4000K)
  • Color Temperature:   2700, 3000, 3500, 4000K
  • Color Rendering:   CRI 92
  • Beam Width:   11°, 15°, 23°, 35°
  • Beam Direction:   up to 40° tilt, infinite pan
  • Luminaire Orientation:   0° or 35° tilt, 360° pan
  • Canopy:   4.5" round, mounts to standard lighting junction boxes
  • Body Dimensions:   44mm x 74mm x 309mm, 0.9 kg
  • Stem:   10" total height, special order up to 4' long
  • Shape:   rounded or rectangular ends
  • Colors:   white RAL 9003, black RAL 9005
  • Custom:   RAL colors or custom matching available
  • Voltage:   100-277V, 50/60Hz
  • Load:   22W nominal
  • Dimming:   0-10V, DALI-2, ELV; standard 1%, optional 0.1%
what it ALL means

Hero has the power to disappear into the architecture, focusing attention only onto what is important.